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TLV offers a packaged digital signage solution.

Since 1999, TLV has been helping brands and businesses implement the digitalization of their retail outlets.

TLV is a partner of choice offering a complete solution tailored to  your needs (Hardware, software, pre-visit, installation, maintenance, content production).

The experience and professionalism with which  we approach every project has led us to equip  key retail outlets on behalf of our clients.

Our company has equipped hundreds of retail outlets in Europe. Our presence is particularly strong in retail outlets located :

  • On highways.
  • In train stations.
  • In subways.
  • In airports.

Our digital signage solution optimizes the pooling of equipment in order to create and manage the broadcasting of your digital display channel by offering you related services to bring your establishment additional sources of differentiation.

              • Musical ambience*
              • Interactive software
              • Touchscreen games
              • Customized touch terminal
              • Secure WiFi for your clients…

Those additional services can be included in our offer or optional.

A few of our achievements 



TLV has his own production studio, specialized in content intended for digital signage, digital media and digital marketing.





Our partners said :

Stéphane Brugère-Trélat, CEO of TLV (Télévision sur le Lieu de Vente) :
Stephane-Brugre-Trelat« We offer agencies and retail outlets organised into networks a global digital signage solution that can provide information and entertainment on every kind of screen. TLV and SpotCoffee have commercialized, since 2009, the first offer combining digital signage and WiFi Hotspot. By exploiting the complementarity of two completely personalized medias, that offer has won over a large number of establishments located on highways, train stations and airports. Together, we are firmly focused on the satisfaction of our shared customer base. »