Connexion Verte - the off-road Telecom operator

connexion verte

An operator specialising in “grey areas” and event-related installations

In many regions, particularly in rural areas, connection is laborious, slow, yet expensive; promises of better network speeds are constantly pushed back while digital invoices tend to increase.

Currently, there is an affordable and efficient alternative: satellite Internet access, this is the sector covered by Connexion Verte with which we have signed partnership agreements.

Connexion Verte is available immediately, wherever you are, with the same quality everywhere, with various Internet alone or Tri-play (Internet, television, telephone) offers. Connexion Verte and Q-SPOT combine their strengths to simplify your Internet access and make it even more economical.


1 bundled offer,

only 1 trip and installation costs,

only 1 maintenance.


Depending on the situation, either a Q-Spot fitter or a Connexion Verte antenna specialist will be dispatched.
The use of Connexion Verte is very simple :

  1. a single satellite dish fitted outside your premises or establishment
  2. simply connect the modem to your computer
  3. your installation is ready !

No other connections are required (e.g.: telephone), you can browse the Internet immediately after this connection

How does it work ?

The Connexion Verte two-way satellite solution offers permanent high-bandwidth Internet access. The satellite dish directly connects your PC or home network to Internet via the dish, without the need for a phone line. This satellite operates in the Ka band. The Ka band is relayed by the Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite, Europe’s leading high-throughput satellite (HTS). KA-SAT is positioned at 9° East.

Customer accounts

Michael BARTHELME, Director of the Lac Blanc resort

We wanted to provide our customers with high-speed Internet over the whole resort. Our customers can now log on from the slopes thanks to the partnership between Q-Spot and

Connexion Verte and to satellite technology
With Connexion Verte, we are able to offer 20-Megabyte high-speed Internet access to all our customers, with Q-Spot, we are able to distribute this access over secure Wi-Fi.